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In keeping with our commitment to provide you with industry leading services, we partnered with HomeWise Docs, a leader in sourcing and fulfilling estoppel and questionnaire requests. To place a request for an Estoppel or Questionnaire go to www.HomeWiseDocs.com. Once on the HomeWise Docs site, you can easily pay and place a request for an estoppel or questionnaire for a condominium unit or home managed by KWPMC.
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Our Responsibilities
Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the Homeowner and Condominium Associations throughout the state of Florida with the highest level of service utilizing our extensive accounting, management, technology, and customer service experience.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy can be characterized by 5 principles: Honesty, Respect, Customer Service, Attitude, and Teamwork

The Board is ultimately responsible for the oversight of the community association. Although the Board may retain and delegate some of its duties to volunteers, contractors and professionals, the Board is still ultimately responsible for the duties it may have assigned to others.

Homeowners are required to submit plans for any and all exterior improvements for approval to the Architectural Control Committee prior to installation. Our goal is to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community.